Company profile

Safinat Nooh Glass L.L.C was founded in 1989 as mirror & Glass supplying to the furniture industry in  Dubai,UAE.


The company grew and in 2000 retail shop in Dubai and its own processing works supplying glass mirrors and an installation services to both the trade and retail customers.


Since then the industry has changed beyond recognition and Safinat Nooh Glass L.L.C prides itself on always being at the forefront of developments, while still keeping some of the traditional skills to meet the demands of their long standing customers.


Safinat Nooh Glass L.L.C Company are a specialized processor and provide a wide range of facilities for any type of the glass processing and fabrication.



As well as fulfilling structural glazing requirements we continue to provide a      wide range of glass products that include:-


  • Glass Designing:-

We design stained glass drawing from any suitable picture. Suitable for the deaf, includes written instructions.

  • Glass Railing:-

We offer revolutionary wet or dry glass railing systems for a range of applications with quality, durability; style and easy installation. We also provide hand rails, guard rails, aluminum railing and windscreen hardware with a cleaner, simpler method of setting tempered glass panels into our structural shoe molding.

  • Shower Glass:-

Our shower glass allows your shower enclosure to stay beautiful for years to come, with minimal cleaning. We offer a variety of quality Bathtub & Shower Door Glass and Bathtub & Shower Door Glass that are durable

  • Mirror:-

The most familiar type of mirror is the plane mirror, which has a flat screen surface. Curved mirrors are also used, to produce magnified or diminished images or focus light or simply distort the reflected image. We provide a lot of variety designs in mirror which would enhance your rooms and reflections.

  • Photo frame:-

Add appropriate photo frame to your photo from our huge categories of photo frames.Decorate your photos with frames with beautiful designs.

  • Office glass partitions:-

There has been great discussion and confusion about the advantages and disadvantages of office glass partitions.

Regardless, office glass partitions provide  undeniable benefits. Listed below are the advantages of installing office glass partitions.

Improved productivity,flexibility to open and move to other place,easy maintenance, improve in office lighting,better privacy, durable.