“Company Signatory” means a person authorised by Safinat nooh glass L.l.c


“Contract” means the agreement for the supply of the Goods merging these Terms.

“Defect” means the condition or any quality of the Goods or any conditions which, but for the effect of these Terms would have intitule You to damages.

“Goods” means the goods or when the content permits services to be supplied by Safinat nooh glass L.L.C which are the subject of the Invoice, quotation offers, delivary form and applications for payment or verification of order, respectively.

“Quotation” means the offer price given overleaf or attached hereby or where these Terms are associate invoice, delivary form or verifivation of order, the quotation supplied to You previously by Safinat nooh glass L.L.C


“You” and “Your” means you, the buyer, the body, corporation  to whom the invoice, delivery form,quotation, application for payment or verification of order is addressed.

“Terms” means the qualifications set out in this record and any special qualifications agreed in writing between a Company Signatory and You.

“We” and “Us” and “Our” means  Safinat nooh glassL.L.C(Unites Arab Emirates)




  1. a) Any price in our catalogs or social networks or our price list is not necessarily a contract


  1. b) The quotation is just a response to an invitation to pay a price, not a contract.


  1. c) No order placed by You shall be assume to be accepted by Us until a written verification of order is issued by Us.


d)No variation of the Contract shall be impressible other than with the written agreement of a Company Signatory. Any different or additional terms, unless so agreed, are excluded.


  1. e) Orders may be cancelled only with the agreement of a Company Signatory person and You will compensate Us against all costs, losses or expenses bring as a result of that cancellation.


f)If You wish the Goods to agree with any specification, You must inform Us of these requirements in writing and and any details must be agreed by Us in writing, to be accomodate into the Contract.


g)By accepting the Quotation offers, You confirm that You are responsible for certifying that the Goods are convenient for the desire application and their use complies with all local and national regulations.


h)Products, templates or instrument presented to Us by You are submittet at Your own risk.




  1. a) Unless otherwise presented in Our Quotations offer , the price of the Goods shall be that prevailing at the date of delivery of the Goods. The price is exclusive of VAT.
  2. b) We reserve the right to impost the bellow charges:

(i) Additional charges including, delivery charges as notified to you from time to time.

(ii) Prices listed or quoted are based on costs as common at the time when they are agreed. We shall be denominate to adjust the price of the Goods as at the time of delivery by such amount as may be necessary to cover any increase in costs suffered by Us after the date of agreement of Your order and any direct or indirect costs of making, handling, or supplying the Goods.

c)Prices quoted are  convenient to the quantity specified and based on the information provided by You at the time of order. In the event of orders being placed for lesser quantities, or if there is any change in details, delivery dates, or delay is caused by Your instructions or lack of instructions, We shall be rightful to adjust the price of the Goods to take account of the variations.

d)If You request correction or variations to your order after acceptance of Your order by Us in settlement with these Terms, We reserve the right to charge You for any costs including incurred assessing your requested modifications or variations.

e)You shall make all payments due under any contract in full without deduction whether by way of  discount, abatement،bargain or otherwise.




  1. a) Delivery will be consequence when the Goods leave Our store whether carried by Us or an carrier, or the store of Our suppliers when the Goods are delivered direct from Our suppliers.


b)Where delivery is to be made by instalments each delivery is suposed to be the subject of a separate Contract and any failure by Us in respect of any one delivery shall not entitle You to declined the Contract as a whole or reject any further instalments to be delivered thereunder.


c)The loading, handling, working or carrying of Your own materials shall be entirely at Your risk. You are responsible for the loading and unloading of the Goods and also for any damage to the Goods during loading and unloading, however caused.


d)Where We require You to provide facilities to unload deliveries such facilities shall be provided by You at no extra cost to Us.


e)We may reject to deliver and/or unload Goods if in Our or Our delivery  team opinion it would be insecure to do so.


f)If for any reason You fail to accept delivery of any of the product when they are ready for delivery or We are unable to deliver the Goods on time because You are not available to take delivery or You change delivery instructions or the delivery location is unapproachable or You have not provided  suitable instructions, documents, licences or authorisations:

(i) Risk in the product shall pass to You (including for loss or damage caused by Our failure );

(ii) The Goods shall be suposed to have been delivered;

(iii) We may store the Goods until delivery, whereupon You shall be undertaking for all related costs and expenses (including without limitation, storage).

(iv) You will  penalize Us for any costs, loss or damages incurred by Us in this respect.




  1. a) You shall inspect the Goods at the place and time of unloading or collection, but nothing in these Terms shall require You to break packaging and/or unpack product which are predestinate to be stored before use.
  2. b) You must inform Us by telephone immediately and give Us written notice within 2 working days of unloading of any assertion for short delivery and if You do not give Us that notice within that time,The product will be assume to have been delivered in the quantities shown in the delivery form.




  1. b) If You fail to pay the price for any product or services on the mentioned date or fail to pay any amount due to Us under any Contract on the mentioned date or You become incapable or We have reasonable grounds to believe You may become Incapable or if You are a limited incorporation or partnership and there is a material change in Your constitution or ownership or You entrust a material breach of this Contract and fail to alternative that breach, all sums outstanding between You and Us shall become immediately payable, and We shall be rightful to do any one or more of the following (without prejudice to any other right or alternative We may have):

(i) Require payment in cleared funds in advance of further deliveries;

(ii) close the Contract;

(iii) Cancel or suspend any further deliveries to You under any Contract without liability on Our part


7.Acceptance Of Order And Cancellation


Any order placed by a Customer is subject to acceptation in writing by the Safinat nooh glass L.L.C.

Orders cancelled by the Customer are subject to cancellation charges at levels proportional with the normal retail value of the goods and/or services supplied or produced up to the date of receipt of notice of cancellation.