Safety & Health Policy Statement


Our People Makes the Difference

The primary goal of our safety & health program is the elimination of personal injury. Safinat nooh glass has long realized that our employees are the key success of the company and with this in mind that our safety program is constantly upgraded and enforced.


The principle goal of the program is to maintain compliance with all the federal, UAE and Health & Safety regulations while providing a safe work environment for employees.


A successful safety program depends upon a team effort and full cooperation from all employees. Compliance to all safety rules and policies will be integral part of the employment process at safinat nooh glass.




Maintenance & Quality at all costs is our goal. We stoutly believe that quality comes out from the professional and amerce execution of production process. Our skilled staff are capable to convert the imagination of our clients into reality and satisfy the customers with the consequence. All employees are responsible for the quality of work carried out. They have the permission to ensure that quality requirements are met in full, maintain the company’s competitive benefits , satisfy its costumers. In this fast moving part of the world, we attempt serious to meet the production deadline and hardly ever fail.

In summary, the quality policy is:


recognize all our costumers requirements and anticipation .


Meet those requirements and  anticipation at all times.


Do everything right  with respect  to our costumers.